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SF collab participation anticipation

2009-02-20 16:07:20 by silly-stungun-millie

I'm on the list... but does this mean I'll actually make it to the final production??

It bloody better make it through! I really put in a solid effort on it, has some detailed fbf, 3-4 levels of color, and the whole flash file was under 4MB! The only gripes I have is that the lipsynch was slightly off in the test swf and that I didn't have time to make the true ending. Oh, and easter-egg fact: my initials make an appearance somewhere inside the flash. :3

Since I'm not fond of NG sponsored collabs in the first place (Stamper and Bandelin get on my nerves... I'd be polite if we ever met face-to-face, but you KNOW I'd be holding back some serious feminist wrath), I'm not too keen on showing my folks a production of notoriously perverted reputation just because I had a part in it. So after the collab comes out, I'll try to put my submission onto YouTube.

I say "try" for a reason. I've finally figured out how to export video files with flash, but there are a couple of problems: One, I can't export the movie file properly since I've used movieclips for certain effects, and two, I seem to be having an issue exporting sound. I've tried to remedy the first problem by swapping movieclips with graphic duplicates, but for some reason the graphic duplicates show up as movieclips on stage. I've also tried search and replace, but that doesn't work either. The hard way seems to work though, which is going into the movieclips on stage one at a time, copying the info for the width, height, x-y coordinates, and the scale percent, putting the graphic duplicate on stage (or nested in another graphic duplicate if the original was nested in a movieclip), entering the copied info for the graphic, testing to see if it matches the movieclip, and finally deleting the original.
Thankfully, I don't use movieclips often, so hopefully I'll get that issue sorted out by the time the collab comes out. As for the sound... well, I don't know how to fix that. I'll figure it out later.

--EDIT-- The video is ready in AVI format. In windows, it shows up just slightly gritty due to compression, but otherwise A-OK including sound. (I guess I had it on mute last time...silly me) Of course, when I view it on the mac side, it's as appealing as a squashed cockroach. Weird color distortions and pixelation out the wazoo.


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2009-02-21 08:34:15

I don't think it's going to be very dick-joke heavy, since jeff said something about getting bored of them or some sort of

silly-stungun-millie responds:

Well, I -was- basing my assumptions on the forum responses and Stamper being around...
My bad.