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Entry #1

first thing off my chest...

2007-07-17 19:53:12 by silly-stungun-millie

Oh God... The new layout makes DSL go slower than cheese fries through the digestive tract.

At least now there's somewhere I can actually have my own opinion without some idiot saying "STFU FAGGOT!!1 UR STOOPID CUZ U DONT HAV NY FLASH LOLZ", or "SUCK MY C**K, B***H!", or the like. I don't mean to be emo or anything, but hurtful words do hurt. Especially when you're a pacifist/feminist/more-conservative-than-liberal woman in an immature, prepubescent male-dominated cyberworld. :(

If I could fight against it, I would. Unfortunately, fighting with idiots only makes them ooze more stupidity.
Also the rules of anti-sexual harrassment doesn't apply to the internet. Seriously, if anyone ever talked to me like that at work (employee OR customer), I'd have their ass dragged from the premises in a heartbeat.
On the internet, there are people that steal art and flash without a shred of guilt. There are people on the internet who indulge in the most heinous of fantasies, turning them into the worst of perverts. There are people who abandon all forms of dignity, civility, and restraint, posting whatever they feel like wherever they feel like, Harassing all sorts of people and proclaiming to be an internet god.

But then there are good people, who actually make a positive influence on others. Ones who do their best at what they do and enjoy doing it, despite the losers who say otherwise. People who become successful in their endeavors.

I'd like to be one of the good ones. :)