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Fucking Kids! Fucking Kids!

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Oh, you sick sick person, you... :P At least it was effective at burning itself into the brain. I did like how you did the framing at the beginning.

But I guess when you're popular, you can get away with submissions that barely stand within guidelines, and sometimes not even that.

I'm not popular enough, so my radical feminist flash scripts will have to wait. ...Then again, with a 98% male viewing audience, it probably wouldn't pass no matter how popular I'd get.

Catoblepas responds:

C'mon! Release those radical controversial flashes! It's not a popularity contest.

Roshi's New talent Roshi's New talent

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Oh god...

This is deceptively good. If it were just colored decently (heck, even just filling in the characters with white would be great) and the drawings more refined, this thing would no doubt be on the front page. :D

Dbdowen responds:

haha thanks for the review, doesnt really matter if it gets front page or not, as long as i made a few people laugh and enjoy my videos thats all that really matters ^-^ i hate spending a large amount of time on a flash project i get distracted easily, so i just try and make them as fast i can haha

Doctor Who: The Season 3 Doctor Who: The Season 3

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad... for a Dr. Who fan flash

Sorry for the low-ish rating, but I tend to be too critical for my own good. ^^; Also, I'm not a fan of the Dr. Who series (except for maybe a few episodes here and there). Anyway, onto the critique:

The subject matter is definitely something you only see coming from true Doctor Who fans, so you're got a pretty clear field when it comes to decent fan animations.

The audio is horrible, but you can't really do anything about it as the show's sound was recorded on hissy, crackly magnetic tape and then having it degraded further when the show was recorded on VHS. In other words, the sound in this flash was a perfect copy of the original. XD

The drawing and animation... sad to say, needs some improvement. Even having the arms fleshed out would be great. I do like how you made the faces, though.

Overall... The pokemon reference made me laugh, and that's good enough for me!

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Sticky responds:

Everything you mentioned are points I agree with. I just gotta work at my flash skills and take a bit more time with it.

Anyway thanks for that lovely review! I love it when people are critical. :D

Promenade the Puzzle Promenade the Puzzle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wonderful piece of animation!

To me, the animation conveyed the trappings of addiction. It starts out pleasant and comforting, but even near the beginning a hint of malice crosses the smoke's face... The smoker eventually gives in to the lustful pleasures, despite the small warnings, as seen with his initial coughing. He keeps going back to his cigarette, wanting more pleasure, and the smoke keeps giving it to him.
...But after so long, addiction shows its true colors by taking away his health and betraying him. By now it is too late, and addiction has consumed him while he slowly dies.
Ironically, I've found the flash itself addictive! The pacing could've been a bit better, but I'm pretty sure that was due to music synchronization constraints. The flickering black-and-white is distracting for the first viewing or two, but after multiple viewings (unless one is prone to epileptic seizures), it's not quite as noticeable. The graphics are amazing, clean, and beautifully done, especially considering that a lot of it was shape tweening, which is hard to pull off convincingly.

You do some amazing work, and I hope to see more in the future!

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Awesome Grounds Awesome Grounds

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I can sorta agree.

Sadly on Newgrounds, people will lick up whatever crumbs they can find as long as it has a familiar sauce to it. Sure, a few of them were funny like the Prince of Persia one (sorry if I have no taste, but anyone who's played that game should feel that the douchebag prince deserves it...), but after 2 or 3 barrel scrapers it does get kinda dull/irritating. What's really bothersome is that I'm pretty sure he was commissioned and paid to make these things by the G Hole, so he's been paid twice over.

As for the flash itself, it could use a reworking. Sadly, if you had included even some intermediate fbf animation and a more consise monologue without all the long pauses, I'm sure this would've gotten a higher score.

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AshfordPride responds:

I say that his last addition to the series was the best. Yeah, some of the ideas seemed a bit forced, but he can be a funny guy.

And yeah... I... Should've done that stuff...

The Inquisitorial Charge The Inquisitorial Charge

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ok I guess...

The way you made this simply cries out, "I need a Wacom tablet!!" :3

Unfortunately, the flash doesn't seem to convey much of a story. Some guy dressed in robes stands in a honeycomb-like library looking at books through a microscope. o_o; I've never read the book, but surely there's more to it than that.

Still, it's a good try. Next time just give it a bit more oomph with a story that has at least one cause 'n effect mechanism worked into it.

Wolfenheim responds:

Yeah, haha, I actually used a wacom tablet, a wacom SCREEN would be quite handier though haha. This was only like a project for class so it didnt really have to have a super understandable plot or anything, being that the whole class knew the story and could be like "Ohh. I get it,... sorta" But yeah I was sorta considering redoing this and making this longer, with voice actors and story and whatnot. Thanks for the review

The Masked Mosquito 2 The Masked Mosquito 2

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I've only one thing to say:


Trust me, it works wonders for getting that pesky file size to a minimum. :)

The Art Of HouseWifery The Art Of HouseWifery

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Tongue in cheek much?

Man, if this thing were presented seriously, you KNOW you'd have a tidal wave of women's wrath down upon you, including my own...

But the 50's film reel style and a hearty helping of rediculousness suited this nicely. The whole thing was done very well, and my only gripe was the wife's slightly offset shoulder.

But yeah, anyone that honestly believes in that kind of misogynistic tripe deserves to be castrated and fed to a pack of rabid wolves.

The Myth Of Sisyphus The Myth Of Sisyphus

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Sheesh! Picky audience...

So what if it's "unoriginal"? There's lots of good stuff out there that's already been done.

I liked it, and I know how tough it is for anyone to do good fbf, so kudos for tossing in a non-typical run cycle. :)

Albuquerque: THE MOVIE Albuquerque: THE MOVIE

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Great job at finally getting a good Albuquerque animation out! ^^

My only gripes are the lack of backgroundness (but for such a huge filesize, it's understandable), and that it's listed for Albinoblacksheep, not Newgrounds. But that's easily fixable.

Other than that, everything is the way it should be.

RWappin responds:

The reason the AlbinoBlackSheep stuff is in there is because they're sponsoring me. Basically, I leave the links to their site in there and they give me $. :)