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Ugh, Headache-y right now...

I'm still working on the Boulevard Collab part still, and the lack of progress does not make me happy. My birthday, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday occupied my time enough, but trying to nab the computer before my sweetie does can be irritating. (Note: The only reason I don't Women's Lib his keester is because he's actually proactive on the computer by writing and editing his own horror short stories and finding good publishers to submit them to. Since I usually get distracted anyway, I figure it's best for him to get something done instead of me wasting time reading webcomics.)

Thankfully I've had some free time on the computer lately and I've got the mid-part lipsynch made and halfway colored in. I've still yet to get the beginning and middle animation tweaked yet, so I'm hoping for some more free time soon. I've got a whole team of collab participants breathing down my neck, so the sooner I get this done the better.

However, I think after I get this thing done, I might put off animating for a while so I can get a proper portfolio assembled and try looking for an artsy job somewhere in Northeast Indiana. :P If I can't find one, then it's back to $6/hr. partime wages at a grocery store or greasy spoon. I gotta pay those Sallie Mae bills, after all...

I've been here for over a year, and still no submissions made. :P

Well, technically I've got two parts in the nearly finished Boulevard Collab, but that doesn't count yet.

Still, I'm hoping things will change very soon. I've got a pet project almost done (it's kinda sloppy, but I'm too lazy to overhaul it) that just needs a couple more sound effects and all the sound made into one file.
Another project in the works is a very short but to the point animation that might be a bit of a risk submitting here due to the 99% male viewing audience. :P It just needs a bit of lipsynching, a tiny bit more animation, and voicework added.
Also on the list for near completion (within a month, anyways) is a submission, possibly two for the Final Fantasy Collab. For that, I might ask for some voiceacting help, but first we'll just have to see if this collab actually pulls through with good content or flushes itself down the crapper.

As much as I wish I had more complete/nearly complete animations to tell about, all I've got left is a handful of half-done projects and a whole bunch of ideas that have yet to make it past the sketchbook stage. :<

Someday I'll be good enough and organized enough to get these things done and out of my system, but not for this year.

Irons in the fire and only dignity to lose


2007-07-19 15:26:02 by silly-stungun-millie

I guess the lag was just because of the servers. Yay, problem (semi-) fixed! Yaaay!

I'm lacking sleep right now! Yaaaaay!

At least I finally got some food and Waferneusse... YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!! :B

Oh God... The new layout makes DSL go slower than cheese fries through the digestive tract.

At least now there's somewhere I can actually have my own opinion without some idiot saying "STFU FAGGOT!!1 UR STOOPID CUZ U DONT HAV NY FLASH LOLZ", or "SUCK MY C**K, B***H!", or the like. I don't mean to be emo or anything, but hurtful words do hurt. Especially when you're a pacifist/feminist/more-conservative-than-liberal woman in an immature, prepubescent male-dominated cyberworld. :(

If I could fight against it, I would. Unfortunately, fighting with idiots only makes them ooze more stupidity.
Also the rules of anti-sexual harrassment doesn't apply to the internet. Seriously, if anyone ever talked to me like that at work (employee OR customer), I'd have their ass dragged from the premises in a heartbeat.
On the internet, there are people that steal art and flash without a shred of guilt. There are people on the internet who indulge in the most heinous of fantasies, turning them into the worst of perverts. There are people who abandon all forms of dignity, civility, and restraint, posting whatever they feel like wherever they feel like, Harassing all sorts of people and proclaiming to be an internet god.

But then there are good people, who actually make a positive influence on others. Ones who do their best at what they do and enjoy doing it, despite the losers who say otherwise. People who become successful in their endeavors.

I'd like to be one of the good ones. :)